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Skills Elevation FHB, based in Berlin, are industry leaders in the development, piloting and roll-out of innovative digital media learning formats and their application in a range of educational settings. These formats include online learning, mobile & blended learning resources, gamification and challenge-based learning and modular training materials for virtual learning environments.

Skills Elevation FHB believe in empowering and upskilling educators, teachers and trainers who work with disadvantaged young people, youth not currently engaged in employment, education or training (NEETs), and marginalised adult learners who are seeking to re- engage with learning.

Our education materials are free to use and are available for educators across all sectors to test with their student groups, and to incorporate into their everyday teaching practice.



& Training

Through the provision of innovative and engaging education & training materials, and programmes for teachers, trainers and employees, we can support the upskilling of educators to meet the needs and demands of a fast-changing educational landscape.

By the same token, a rapidly changing employment landscape, evolving societal trends and new expectations of technology are all driving the skills agenda, and Skills Elevation FHB are here to ensure training professionals have the tools they need to meet these needs.

In recent years, and in collaboration with our network of partners, we have developed online educational programmes and in-service training resources for educators in the areas of:


Digital media production

The circular economy

Radicalisation of young people in online environments

Online Safety & Security

We have more recently been developing a range of innovative digital learning approaches based on Challenge Based Learning theory involving the creation and piloting of online, digital escape room challenges and WebQquests aimed at supporting young people in their acquisition of a range of key competences.

Work & Business

Entrepreneurship is often cited by researchers as a key contributor to the industrial development of the EU, as well as a significant driving force in the economic development of individual regions and countries.

Studies have shown that entrepreneurship and knowledge are the most effective cause of wealth, whilst entrepreneurship is critical for sustainable economic development.

Skills Elevation FHB aim to support the development and proliferation of entrepreneurial resources throughout the local economy through the creation of innovative educational materials that target the real needs of local businesses and are presented via accessible learning environments. To encourage the growth of successful and sustainable businesses locally, Skills Elevation FHB aims to develop opportunities for entrepreneurs and small enterprises to network and engage with each other.

Through our work on collaborative projects we have experience in facilitating peer education and mentoring programmes between established businesses and budding entrepreneurs. Skills Elevation FHB also has experience working with entrepreneurs in the creative industries to support them to use effective planning tools to develop their business ideas.

Skills Elevation FHB are committed to promoting social impact amongst existing enterprises in our region to respond to the growing social needs of the local and regional community.


& Digital Resources

Skills Elevation FHB has significant expertise in the area of multi-media and educational resource production. We have developed a series of simulation resources and videos for Adult, School and VET educators to use, online or offline, to target issues such as responsible digital citizenship, civic responsibility, cyber safety and cyber bullying.

In addition, we have co-developed educational materials and online training programmes for trainers and youth workers to integrate digital media techniques into their activities; bite-sized learning materials for budding young entrepreneurs and young employees to work as project managers, and train the trainer materials to support front line educators to create documentaries and interviews with their students as a means of promoting digital competence, literacy, numeracy, cultural awareness and expression.

Skills Elevation FHB aim to empower educators from all walks of life to become creators of their own educational content, by promoting easy to use, affordable or free solutions in digital media production and education.

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